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Why ship with us?

Fast Transfers Inc. provides the best and safest over-the-road door-to-door short and long-haul freight transportation. We hold a high standard when it comes to our staff and driver employment. We offer only the safest equipment always in optimal condition for transporting all merchandise.

A team of experts

FTI has a fully bilingual staff and competent and qualified drivers for your freight needs

The latest technology

FTI offers completely online services. The links enable shippers to login and submit rate quote requests and pickup requests, track freight movements and download documents.

Dedicated to safety

FTI complies with all safety regulations and goes beyond. We extend nothing less than satisfaction delivering your freight.

Door to door

Our door-to-door service guarantees that all freight will be picked up from shipper and delivered to consignee as requested saving you time and energy whilst avoiding transloading


FTI fleet includes equipment designated for oversize/overweight loads and all tools necessary preventing the use of hiring 3PLs and processing state permits. Keeping our customer from extra paperwork

Solo Truck Load

The FTI drivers are qualify and trained to perform SOLO or Team services, according to the costumer’s requests and needs. We have follow-up equipment, monitoring, ELD service, providing greater reliability and security in the service.


Our team driver service, guarantee greater agility to the delivery times.
We have qualified and trained drivers, your shipment in less time.
With our modern technology and LED service, we make sure to comply with all rules and standards, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.

Trans-border Shipping

With our experts and trans-border shipping we keep your freight moving flawlessly across borders. We work closely with customs brokers to facilitate exchange of documents, information and compliance requirements, as well as resolving any issues. We can safely deliver with no transloads necessary from pick up to drop.


With our dedicated service we place exclusive equipment to comply with the specific requirements of our clients, meeting the quality and safety standards of the applicable regulations.

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